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Spousal petition approved in just 1 month and 27 days

Is There Hope for Changing the Outcome After a Petition Was Denied for 12 Years?

Mrs. L’s F-4 petition, was initially filed by her US citizen sister in 2007, languished without a response from the USCIS for 12 years. The family sought assistance from the Law Office of Linda J. Lin, P.C. , who delved into the case. FOIA records obtained by the legal team revealed that in 2010, the USCIS had issued a Request for Evidence (RFE), a pivotal step in the immigration process.  Unfortunately, Mrs. L’s sister never received the RFE, rendering her unable to respond to it.

In the same year, the USCIS denied the petition, citing abandonment due to failure to respond to the RFE.

Despite more than a decade passing after the denial, the legal team decided to advocate for the family’s cause.

In 2022, our office requested that the USCIS reopen the proceeding or reconsider the decision on its own motion, arguing that the case should not have been denied. In 2023, the USCIS approved the Motion to Reopen/Reconsider, ultimately granting Mrs. L’s F-4 petition.