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Helping My Clients Achieve Their American Dreams

The United States family and business immigration systems are very complex. Make even one mistake and you could jeopardize your chance to come to the country and live out your American dream. As an attorney who has firsthand experience with immigration law, I can guide you through the immigration process.

I am attorney Lin. Throughout the past years, I have served immigrants and employers in California and throughout the United States. Having experienced the U.S. immigration system firsthand as an immigrant myself, I understand what you are going through. As my client, you can expect me to provide you with compassion and respect just as much as legal knowledge.

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Because I practice only immigration law, I have an incredibly broad and deep knowledge on the subject matter. I understand that an immigration journey can consume a lot of your finances. I strive to be economical and cost-efficient in my services without jeopardizing the quality of my representation.

Experience Helping Immigrants Throughout The US

I began my legal career working at a litigation firm.  Later, I worked for prestigious immigration law firms, including Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles, one of the largest public interest law firms in the country, as well as the Law Office of Michael J. Gurfinkel Inc. Over the years, my practice has covered family-based, and employment-based immigration. I have successfully represented clients before U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

These experiences led me to establish my own law firm so I could pursue my passion for helping people through the immigration process.  Additionally, I am authorized to practice immigration law nationwide.

Begin Your Journey Toward The American Dream

When you need a lawyer who knows the immigration process, you can rely on me. I have the in-depth experience and compassion that you deserve. Schedule your initial consultation with me by calling 888-209-3566 or 562-267-3811 toll-free.  In some circumstances, I can provide free consultations.